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Stock Code Product Description Qty MFG. P/N
IM010553 18(1) TC TEW BLACK 600V-105C FT-1 ROHS N0100456 CALL
IM020102 10/105 TC TEW WHITE FT4 600V-105C 159
IM020135 12/65 TC TEW GREEN/YELLOW FT-1 600V-105C 021265N-05/06 CALL 021265N-05/06
IM020147 14/41 TC TEW GREEN FT4 600V-105C 533
IM020152 14/41 TC TEW BLACK FT-1 600V-105C- R0111454 021441N-01 169.02 021441N-01
IM020155 14/41 TC TEW RED FT-1 600V-105C- R0106553 N0055421 112
IM020157 14/41 TC TEW GREEN FT-1 600V-105C- 152.5
IM020204 18/16 TC TEW BLACK FT-1 600V-105C- R0105740 021816N-01 CALL 021816N-01
IM020285 6/133 TC TEW WHITE FT4 600V-105C 430.85
IM020574 12/65 TC TEW GREEN FT4 600V-105C 270.7
IM040179 16/19 UL1430 GREEN 105C-300V ROHS 762.5
IM040289 22(1) UL1429 BLACK 80C-150V N0105280 557.63
IM040312 22/7 UL1430 BLACK 105C-300V R0106542 385
IM040315 22/7 UL1430 RED 105C-300V R0106540 042230-03 89 042230-03
IM040325 22(1) UL1430 RED 105C-300V R0113587 28
IM040336 22(1) UL1472 GREEN 80C-125V R0108330 598.68
IM040401 26(1) UL1429 GREEN ROHS 80C-150V N0105278 R0109836 863.7
IM040504 24/19 UL1430 WHITE 105C-300V 305
IM040549 10/105 UL3386 TC RED HALOGEN FREE ROHS 105C-600V N0109629 H03982 Judd CALL H03982
IM040550 10/105 UL3386 TC BLUE HALOGEN FREE ROHS 105C-600V N0109632 H04351 Judd CALL H04351
IM040551 10/105 UL3386 TC RED W/TRACER HALOGEN FREE ROHS 105C-600V N0109633 H04352 Judd CALL H04352
IM040552 10/105 UL3386 TC BLUE W/TRACER HALOGEN FREE ROHS 105C-600V N0109634 H04353 Judd CALL H04353
IM040617 24(1) UL3385 RED 105C-300V N0088555 204.96
IM100555 14/2 COND UNSH RED/BLACK 105C-600V FT4 CALL
IM120579 18AWG 2PR SHLD FT4 RED/BLACK COND 1782-21 254 1782-21
IM130521 24/4PR 1X24 TC CU PVC SHLD AL/POLY DESIGNED FOR E1 LINKS N0113004 08KFOLF005 Madison Cable 207.09 08KFOLF005
IM130531 24/1PR O/A SHLD FT-4 RED/BLACK COND T2801-30-30 1800 T2801-30-30
IM180124 22/2 COND SHLD 92214 Provo 300 92214
IM190121 RG59U-M17/029 23(1) CCS PE 95% BC SHLD BRAID PVC11A 75 OHM 573.4
IM190135 735A COAXIAL CABLE 10 TUBES 735A-10 Belden 30 735A-10
IM190137 735A COAXIAL CABLE 16 TUBES 26 AWG 735A-16 Belden 66.1 735A-16
IM190138 735A COAXIAL CABLE 24 TUBES 735A-24 Belden 20.47 735A-24
IM190139 735A COAXIAL CABLE 3 TUBES 735A-3 Belden 150.45 735A-3
IM190141 735A COAXIAL CABLE 8 TUBES 735A-8 Belden 27.35 735A-8
IM190550 1-5/8" 50 OHM COAXIAL CABLE A0504552 VXL7-50 Nortel Networks 122 VXL7-50
IM190567 1/4" SUPERFLEX FOAMED X500M PE COAX CABLE FSJ1-50A Commscope Technologies LLC 500 FSJ1-50A
IM190581 DUAL 735A COAX CABLE W/ TRACER GREY 735O2T 008 Belden 183 735O2T 008
IM220103 3/8" HEATSHRINK GREEN FP301BS-3/8GN 3M 33.65 FP301BS-3/8GN
IM220104 1/2" HEATSHRINK GREEN FP301BS-1/2GN 3M 7 FP301BS-1/2GN
IM220167 1" SPLIT FLEX TUBING ORANGE CLT100F-C3 Panduit 6.71 CLT100F-C3
IM220213 3/4" HEATSHRINK RED 2:1 -55C TO +135C CALL
IM220270 1/4" HEATSHRINK CLEAR RNF100 Matrix Technology Limited 35.65 RNF100
IM220328 2" CLEAR HEATSHRINK R0116128 3M 375.5
IM220381 2" BLACK HEATSHRINK   150
IM220385 1 1/2" HEATSHRINK RED FIT221 1 1/2 RED Alpha Wire CALL FIT221 1 1/2 RED
IM220456 1 1/4" BLACK HEATSHRINK FP301BS-1.25-BK 3M 123 FP301BS-1.25-BK
IM220463 1-1/2" SPLIT LOOM YELLOW CLT150F-D4 Panduit CALL CLT150F-D4
IM220478 1/4" HEATSHRINK BLACK FP301BS-1/4BK 3M 22 FP301BS-1/4BK
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