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Impulse only offers the best quality wires for the job. There is no one size fits all solution. Our products have built in safeguards to ensure against system fails, interference inhibition, electromagnetic radiation, and to withstand environmental extremes.

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Fiber Optic Cables Available

Fiber optic technologies rapid growth, means that fiber optic cables are now basic part of most every day and replacing traditional metal lines of communication. The huge benefits for any business office that Fiber Optic Cables offer offices include:

  • Higher Bandwidth, Video Quality & Speed
  • Immunity to EMI
  • No Risk of Interference to Phone Lines
  • Easier Long Term Maintenance

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When it comes to internet technology, a slow network is unacceptable.

However, despite its  popularity, its fragile nature makes installing challenging and expensive. This is especially the case, when you take into consideration common added challenges like the lack of easy access to some buildings, the number of buildings to begin with, existing conduits that maybe blocking or difficult to route fibers through, as well as the overall space aesthetics.

Electrical Cables, Wires including Extension Cords

Checking circuits periodically is a good practice. Extension cords, being temporary wiring solutions are not substitutes for permanent and professional wiring solutions. If you find your business is finding that they are relying on them more and more, possibly updating your business electrical system might be necessary.

Other electrical signs for an upgrade are when breakers and fuses are going out regularly, lights are dimming and flickering, outlets buzz – are charred and discolored, as are acrid burning smells, sparks and obviously fires. Also when switches and outlets are shocking shockers, again that is an indication that your system is in very bad shape.

Remember not paying attention to electrical safety can lead to shocks, burns and even electrocution in your workplace. Don’t neglect workplace safety.

Wire Supply Upgrades

Over time when cable wiring deteriorates small changes will save your business. Custom Kitting is the organization and assembly (when necessary) of components into packages to facilitate maintenance and production activities in an organization. This improves inventory management, so parts can be ordered and sequenced as you’ve specified. The the long term benefit of inventory management

  • early problem diagnosis
  • consistent power distribution
  • cut down on administrative costs

Some of our Distinguishing Custom Industry Services include

  • Custom Kitting
  • Stock Packages
  • Inventory Management
  • Cutting, Striping, Dyeing, Twisting, etc

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Global Communications and Industrial Wire and Cable Leaders

Impulse technologies has nearly 25 years of experience distributing wired and wireless communication system components as well as serving a variety of markets including HVAC, Irrigation, Traffic, and Security. As one of the largest North American distributors of wiring, cable, and installation materials, Impulse supplies wires and cables for a wide range of applications.

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