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Since opening shop in 1988 as an independent distributor, Impulse Technologies has grown to be the largest supplier of communications and industrial cable wire products in Canada. Originally operating out of Mississauga, Ontario, and 25 years later and with a second location in Calgary, Alberta, Impulse technologies still provides the same quality product and service to customers across the country. When it comes to communications and industrial cable and wire, Impulse Technologies has the biggest and best selection, allowing them to service customers of all sizes and needs.

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Impulse Technologies provide the cable wire products and services to a variety of trades and industries. From the connectors, high flexing cable or complete assembly required for Automation or Photovoltaic Wires, PV Connectors or Ground Wire for solar energy solutions. Industry leaders trust their cable wire solutions to the experienced advice of Impulse Technologies.

Impulse Technologies supply industrial clients with the custom solutions and expert insight to meet their needs. From new construction to industrial renovation, their industrial division provides everything one might need, no matter the project, carrying everything from copper wire to cable management products.

Impulse Technologies provides the communications and telecommunication industries with both wired and wireless communication system components, offering individualized kitting and sourcing to provide the right solution for each client. They also provide fully managed inventory programs and carry a wide variety of telecom cable and product including fiber optics, electrical supply cables, guy wire, cable management systems, connectors and more.

From dying to twisting, and stripping to cutting, whether in the communication or the industrial industries, Impulse Technologies provide clients a number of value added services to offer customers the most effective and efficient solutions for their needs. With custom kitting and stocking packages, Impulse Technologies will work with customers to source components, advise on costs savings, maintain dedicated stock packages and reduce or eliminate lengthy lead times and minimum orders.

Their many years in business gives Impulse Technologies the opportunity to offer their customers a valuable and unique customer experience. Staff work closely with their manufacturing partners to build long standing relationships, some spanning over 20 years, to obtain the best products, prices and response times and pass the benefits along to their customers.

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