C-Ports - Rooftop Support Systems

When considering rooftop solutions like solar panels or HVAC systems, how the system is mounted is usually an afterthought to most buyers, but at Impulse Technologies it’s one among many important factors that go into providing their customers with the best possible rooftop system.

It’s important to know that not all rooftop support systems are created equal; Impulse Technologies uses only the long-lasting and reliable solutions of C-Ports, that get the job done without causing damage to the roof.

For over 15 years, C-Ports have been the preferred choice for rooftop supports due to their versatility and adaptability. C-Ports provide an economical and safe support solution for rooftop installations of gas and refrigeration pipes, electrical conduit, ducting, rooftop walkways, HVAC systems and solar paneling. From San Diego to Saudi Arabia, from TPO, EPDM, and PVC to asphalt, gravel and standing seam, C-Ports provide solutions for nearly any roofing type.

Impulse Technologies can create unique rooftop support systems to meet the needs of each job with endless configurations, varying product lines and the ability to provide custom sizes with C-Ports. C-Ports are the top choice for professionals in all fields worldwide. With wholesale distribution in all 50 states, all Canadian provinces, and Europe, C-Ports have provided rooftop solutions to businesses in every continent and Impulse Technologies delivers this top of the line product to its customers here at home.

Impulse Technologies knows no two roofs are exactly alike and no two projects are exactly the same, that’s why they insist on using a product that is able to provide custom supports and solutions, without the enlarged costs expected with customer jobs. Literally, thousands of configurations are available to meet the needs of any job.

Made from 100% recycled rubber, C-Ports are the environmentally responsible choice that gets the job done with the confidence of 10-year warranty. C-Port systems’ patented membrane is mechanically fastened to the support for even greater wind uplift and seismic capabilities. In fact, C-Ports are known to outlast the roofs on which they’ve been installed and reinstalled once the new roof is in place.

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