Saving on HVAC wire supply upgrades

The Value of Upgrading Electrical Wiring

Depending on age of the space and type of HVAC system installation it doesn’t hurt to inspect existing electrical wiring. The installation process is the perfect opportunity to replace old, incorrectly rated wiring reducing change of fires, system overloads, damaged internal parts and machine downtimes. Impulse technologies HVAC wire solutions meet the unique needs of commercial and residential HVAC contractors.

Small HVAC wiring Upgrades to Save Big:

  1. Longer HVAC life
    • A proper inital set up ensures smoother future operations without interruption and prevents unnecessary internal damage to the system.
  2. Consistent Power Distribution
    • Upgraded systems ensure that amperage is shared evenly throughout a space
  3. Compatibility
    • Correct wiring ensures no equipment overloads occur avoiding potentially hazardous fires.
  4. Early Problem Diagnosis
    • Safety issues are best dealt with when identified prior to a install
  5. Efficiency
    • Continual restarting and starting of the cooling and heating cycles in HVAC will hurt efficiency. Fault electric compoenents are usually a cause for this. This happens when they can not handle newer power requirements.
  6. Long term Benefits
    • As mentioned help to extend system life cycle and contributes to a smoother run time

HVAC Wire Supplies and Replacements

Impulse Technologies offers the following heating and air products

  • LVT
  • Multi Conductor Cables
  • Plenum cables
  • NMD
  • Whips and conduits

Inevitably electrical wiring conditions will degrade over time. At Impulse we are your one-stop shop supplier for all heating and cooling needs, which are specially designed to meet industry specifications.

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