Security Systems and Quality Cable

Security Systems and Quality Cable

The integrity of the most complex and sophisticated security systems rests on quality cables. Security is an uncompromising business and when it fails the consequences can have a serious impact on the bottom line, as well as huge legal repercussions.

Security Cable Considerations

Selecting a quality wire is imperative when building the right security system. Customized cable security solutions will protect your enclosure from the inside out against fire and electric hazards.

Cable Solution Considerations:

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Quality Security Cable Solutions & Services

Common Security Cable Types and Benefits

Quality cables have built in safeguards to protect security system fails. They inhibit interference and electromagnetic radiation, protect electric system quality and to with stand environmental extremes like smoke and fire damage. Three of the most common security cable types are Plenum, Shielded and Twisted.

Security Cable Type What are they? Cable Security Benefits
Plenum Plenum refers to the empty space common in air conditioning and heating systems ·   Highest-rated safeguards against electric and fire disasters

·   Provide low flame and smoke points

Shielded Cables conductive core is enclosed by several insulating layers


·   Safeguard against electromagnetic radiation

·   Ensure optimum electric signal and transmission quality

Twisted a combination of two conductors twisted into a single circuit


·   Safeguards against electromagnetic interference

·   Ensures optimum signal strength

We offer the following diverse selection of security system cables for all industrial and commercial needs.

Security System Cable Selection:

  • Alarm
    • Station Z (Quad)
  • Telecommunications
    • Cat 3
  • Computer Networks
    • Cat 5
    • Cat 6
  • Coaxial
    • RG-6
    • RG-59
  • Video
    • HDMI
  • Speaker Wires
  • Caddies

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Since 1988, Impulse Technologies has become the largest Canadian supplier of wire products, and key supplier of security products. We insist on providing products to protect all your asses, help with risk management and offer 25 years of expertise in loss prevention.


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