Solar Cable Frequently Asked Questions

The Photovoltaic Effect is a method of generating electric power from solar energy using cells that convert the suns energy in flows of electrons.

Which Types of Solar Wires are Available through Impulse Technologies?

  • PV Connectors
  • Power Cables & Connectors
  • Ground Wire
  • Communication & Control Cable – Metering Instrumentation Application
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Physical Support Products

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Cable Considerations

  • maintain long-term performance and reliability
  • withstand long-term exposure to sunlight
  • resistant UV, ozone and water absorption
  • flexibility to withstand sub-zero conditions
  • deformation resistance against prolonged exposure to high temperatures

How Much Solar Panels Do I Need? Calculator

As in most cases, this involves a few factors. In general, consider your average monthly energy consumption and the amount of energy you are planning to offset with solar energy.

Factors to consider:

  • Number of KiloWatt-Hours (kWh) used per month
  • Percentage of Power to be offset with Solar
  • Hours of Daily Sun

To Estimate Energy Consumption and Offset Percentages…

1) Collect and calculate average monthly energy usage in kWh over the last 12 months

2) Divide the average by 30 for an – average daily kWh usage

3) To calculate the amount of power necessary to offset a % of energy consumption – multiply the daily average by the estimated % you plan to offset. This is the amount of energy you will roughly require from solar panels.

Solar Cable Challenges

As the emerging solar power cabling market grows, application-specific cables and contractor certification are paramount to ensuring the economic viability of solar power systems. Codes and standards are struggling to keep pace, while a relatively new contractor base is in need of continuous on-going training to stay one step ahead of evolving installation practices.

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