Solar Panels for Small to Large Sized Businesses

Solar Panels For Businesses

With energy cost on the rise, up 40% in Ontario since last year alone, thinking outside the box in terms of conservation should be on everyone’s mind, especially those who consume the most. Whether you’re a large corporation or small business, you can harness the power of the sun to positively reflect your bottom line.

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Advantages of Solar for Business

Going green is the progressive thing these days and for good reason. Besides being ethical, it’s very economical and can even be profitable. Today’s solar power technology has come a long way since its inception, offering efficient, high performance, easy to install and use systems that will maximize your investment returns. When dealing with us, you will always feel secure knowing that you are backed by a company with nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. These systems could save you thousands annually and possibly put some of your hard earned money back in your pocket by selling your unused power back to the grid. Through solar, you can save money, make money, and save the environment all at the same time.

How Solar Installations Work for Your Business

In an effort to confront the negative space question, solar panels are the answer. Every square foot of open roof space can be transformed into dollars in your pocket. No matter the shape of your building, or the size constraints, solar panels can be efficiently placed in many different configurations to maximize sun exposure and ensure that you are getting the most from your installation.

For businesses with large parking lots or open areas, creating an overhead awning equipped with solar panels can be a very efficient way to maximize the space available, while also providing your customers with shade in the summer as well as protection from the elements, all the while re-purposing unused space to help save on your energy expenditures.

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