The Importance of Wire Management

Wire Management Tips & Tricks

Professional wire management helps protect equipment while preserving functionality, aesthetics, as well as general safety. Here are several benefits of professional wire management:

  • Helps to neatly route cables through buildings
    • Cable management systems incorporate furniture, wall, floor and cable wraps to protect wires and limit the clutter of wires coming in and out of machines.This helps to keep unsightly cables out of sight.
  • Airflow inference
    • Scattered cables will impede airflow into the computer which is essential to keep computer component temperatures down.
  • Impress Clients
    • Discrete cable Raceway tracks conceal exposed wires running through rooms, without the need for drilling. They can be a big help for decluttering any space including  industrial, professional and domestic settings.
  • Time, Troubleshooting and Workflow
    • Products like cable labels and printers will help identify the right lines while troubleshooting and tracking lines for future installs  and repairs. Labels are well suited not only indoors but also in harsh outdoor telecommunication settings.
    • Products like a cable manager kit keeps wires and devices off the floor, keeping your work and living space clean and relatively dust free.
  • Save Money
    • Exposed wires are susceptible to damage which hurts their performance and life. Storage management systems similar to Neat Patch Manager however, cover, guard, organize, help trace circuits and provide quick access to wires.

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Professional cable management

Safety Hazards

Unchecked tangled wires are workplace safety, tripping, child, pet and fire hazards.


Floor cord covers anchor cables, anchor and conceal wires, while keeping cables from being crushed underfoot.

Cord clips and rounded cable tunnels redirect cables away from traffic. Double sided tap ensure that they remain secure and that cables are compartmentalized and routed to appropriate electronic outlets.

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