What is an Irrigation System?

Canadian farmers are hopeful, following last weeks heat waves that the northern latitude country, will avail its self of its plentiful farmland and innovative irrigation systems to grow more food. Other harder-hit regions and countries suffering from increasing heat and crop failure would of course benefits from such exports and adaptations.  Canada is in a fortunate position to capitalize on this situation, with the right irrigation installations. It is possible to keep its fields productive, even when rainfall is insufficient and water resources are further away.


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Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system involves the careful application of controlled amounts of water to plants, at regular intervals. Water is redirected from its source, to help re-vegetate disturbed soil, landscapes as well as agricultural crops

The major components in a irrigation system are

  • Intake/pumping stations: which access the water
  • Conveyance Systems: that transport and pump water from field ditches
  • Distribution System: assures the transport of water through field ditches to the irrigated fields.
  • Application: assures the transport of water within the fields.
  • Drainage: removes excess water either from rainfall or irrigation

Besides crop production, irrigation supply is necessary in preventing soil consolidation, weed growth suppression in grain fields, and frost protection. Agriculture which relies on rainfall conversely is known as dry land farming or rain fed.


Where can I buy irrigation supplies?

Irrigation has been a central feature of agriculture for over 5,000 years, but without adaptation to weather conditions, the future of Canada’s agricultural industry is uncertain.

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  • Irrigation Cables
  • NMWU
  • TWU
  • Bare Copper
  • Ground Plates

When considering the purchase of a new farm irrigation system, is is helpful to work with a company has proven expertise in farm irrigation system supplier. For now, improvements in farm technology, new harvesting methods, and drought-resistant crops  means farmers should be poised to ramp up production as temperatures warm. Farmers should be considering water source, budget, setup, and convenience amongst others.

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