Specialty Products

Impulse Technologies, as one of North America’s largest telecommunications systems and installation materials distributor, has key relationships with manufacturers around the world to help you with custom power and communication cables, material’s integration, kitting, and any special solution you may need anywhere in the planet.

Understanding the particularities of every network, every customer and the ever changing competitive environment you need a partner flexible enough to truly provide tailored solutions to your specific needs.

Additionally to the development of new products Impulse had vast experience providing the following added value services with extraordinary customer service:

Vendor Managed Inventory

Logistics, especially when it comes to inventory management, is something that takes size to truly take advantage of, and size is one thing we have in spades. Our vendor managed inventory solutions can help you reduce order minimums and lead times, thus reducing your overall costs. We also maintain a 4-6 week safety supply in the Impulse warehouses, ensuring you’ve always got the product you need.

We keep an eye on order volumes too. If you’re using more product, our safety supply goes up, and we order more volume in anticipation of your demand. We’ll accurately estimate your annual usage, and provide you with performance metrics and scorecards.


Proper kitting of parts and products can be a time saver. A money saver too! We take a look at what you need, then work with product engineers to build kits with products we know will work well together. Your purchasing department can then order one product, saving money, and making tracking during shipping substantially easier. You’ll save on freight too!

Impulse can even work with alternative product vendors to make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollar.

Supply Chain Services

Sourcing, logistics, inventory management, it all takes time, relationships with vendors, and dedicated resources. Impulse Technologies can handle your supply chain management from one end to the other. Our total-chain approach lets us draw upon global, regional, and even local suppliers to ensure the best price, and focus on reducing your overall costs.

Contact your representative or the Impulse Sales Department for further information on any of the Specialty products above:

Eastern Branch (Mississauga): 1.800.667.5475
Western Branch (Calgary): 1.877.785.3579

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