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Impulse maintains the most complete portfolio of products for building, operating, and maintaining wireless networks. We are leaders for telecommunication infrastructure and installations in North America.

As wireless expands, we have complete solutions for rooftops, towers,  and in-building, which includes:

  • Antenna Mounts, Kits, and Accessories
  • Fasteners and Hardware
  • RF Cable, Connectors, and Accessories
  • Fiber-to-the-Tower solutions
  • Hybrid/Composite cable systems
  • Power and Communications cable
  • Filters, Repeaters, Amplifiers
  • And Much More!


Impulse Technologies distributes a diverse line of hardware for Backhaul, 4G systems, LTE, Wi-MAX, Base Station Infrastructure, and rural broadband systems.

Wireless Networks – Built with Strength & Stability

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Site Pack Solution

Impulse also facilitates the logistics, staging, tracking and shipping of complete site’s materials directly to the rooftop. Orders are delivered in one shipment, ready to you.

  • Receive all the materials in one shipment ready to use!
  • Shipping directly to the site

Site Pack Benefits:

  • All materials arrive to site at the same time
  • Purchasing department orders one item
  • Saves time and money through consolidation
  • Saves on warehousing and freight costs
  • Facilitate tracking the material

Secure Simple Wireless Solutions – for Your Business

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Site Pack Solution

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