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Quality Wiring

Impulse only offers the best quality wires for the job. There is no one size fits all solution. Our products have built in safeguards to ensure against system fails, interference inhibition, electromagnetic radiation, and to withstand environmental extremes.

October 2017 Flyer

Get the best gear for all of your communication and industrial cable and wire products. Offers on sale products are valid until Oct 31st, 2017.

What is an Irrigation System?

Canadian farmers are hopeful, following last weeks heat waves that the northern latitude country, will avail its self of its plentiful farmland and innovative irrigation systems to grow more food. Other harder-hit regions and countries suffering from increasing heat and crop failure would of course benefits from such exports and adaptations.  Canada is in a fortunate position to capitalize on this situation, with the right irrigation installations. It is possible to keep its fields productive, even when rainfall is insufficient and water resources are further away.

Solar Cable Frequently Asked Questions

The Photovoltaic Effect is a method of generating electric power from solar energy using cells that convert the suns energy in flows of electrons.

Why is the More Expensive Shielded Cable Used?

Shielding in multi conductor cables combats the effects of EMI since regular insulation is transparent to electromagnetic energy, to improve connectivity reliability. Comparatively, non-shielded types offer limited protection against environmental, mechanical threats like moisture, scratches and heat.

Saving on HVAC wire supply upgrades

The Value of Upgrading Electrical Wiring

Depending on age of the space and type of HVAC system installation it doesn’t hurt to inspect existing electrical wiring. The installation process is the perfect opportunity to replace old, incorrectly rated wiring reducing change of fires, system overloads, damaged internal parts and machine downtimes. Impulse technologies HVAC wire solutions meet the unique needs of commercial and residential HVAC contractors.

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