What is an Irrigation System?

Canadian farmers are hopeful, following last weeks heat waves that the northern latitude country, will avail its self of its plentiful farmland and innovative irrigation systems to grow more food. Other harder-hit regions and countries suffering from increasing heat and crop failure would of course benefits from such exports and adaptations.  Canada is in a fortunate position to capitalize on this situation, with the right irrigation installations. It is possible to keep its fields productive, even when rainfall is insufficient and water resources are further away.

Outside Sales Position

Impulse Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company which is primarily a distributor of electrical and electronic wire and cable products and peripherals, while offering a range of value added services. Our commitment to our customer is to provide them with quality products, quality service, and cost effective, unique solutions designed to give our customers a competitive edge in the market place.
We are currently looking for a self-motivated salesperson comfortable in an outside sales role.
Responsibilities will include:
• Cold calling
• Developing a sales strategy to build a new customer base while maintaining some existing accounts.
• Preparation of and responsibility for meeting sales budgets.
• Manage all aspects of client relationships...

Solar Cable Frequently Asked Questions

The Photovoltaic Effect is a method of generating electric power from solar energy using cells that convert the suns energy in flows of electrons.

Why is the More Expensive Shielded Cable Used?

Shielding in multi conductor cables combats the effects of EMI since regular insulation is transparent to electromagnetic energy, to improve connectivity reliability. Comparatively, non-shielded types offer limited protection against environmental, mechanical threats like moisture, scratches and heat.

Saving on HVAC wire supply upgrades

The Value of Upgrading Electrical Wiring

Depending on age of the space and type of HVAC system installation it doesn’t hurt to inspect existing electrical wiring. The installation process is the perfect opportunity to replace old, incorrectly rated wiring reducing change of fires, system overloads, damaged internal parts and machine downtimes. Impulse technologies HVAC wire solutions meet the unique needs of commercial and residential HVAC contractors.

Security Systems and Quality Cable

Security Systems and Quality Cable

The integrity of the most complex and sophisticated security systems rests on quality cables. Security is an uncompromising business and when it fails the consequences can have a serious impact on the bottom line, as well as huge legal repercussions.

C-Ports - Rooftop Support Systems

When considering rooftop solutions like solar panels or HVAC systems, how the system is mounted is usually an afterthought to most buyers, but at Impulse Technologies it’s one among many important factors that go into providing their customers with the best possible rooftop system.

The Importance of Wire Management

Wire Management Tips & Tricks

Professional wire management helps protect equipment while preserving functionality, aesthetics, as well as general safety. Here are several benefits of professional wire management:

How To Select A Quality Wire

Selecting a quality wire is the critical first step in ensuring that you don’t have a wire or cable fail on your commercial project. A failed wire can wreak havoc on a project through costly repairs, prolonged downtime and delays, or worse yet a ruined industry reputation! Following these few simple tips in this article will go a long way in selecting a quality wire.

Making Your Own Off-The-Grid Energy

Going Off the Power Grid

Whether taking ‘going green’ to the next level, or becoming a ‘Prepper’ and getting ready for the unknown, if you’re considering finding your energy independence you’re not alone. If you want to go off the grid without living like you’re stuck in the pre-Edison era, there’s a lot to know before you cut the power lines.

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